"e’Lollipop" is the extraordinary story of two inseparable South African children, Tsepo (Muntu Ndebele) and his orphaned friend Jannie (Norman Knox).

They meet when Jannie’s parents die tragically in a car accident in the Lesotho mountains. Jannie is sent to a missionary station in Tsepo’s village where they become best friends as Jannie finds his place in his new home.

Together with their dog Sugarball, life is full of childhood fun and antics until tragedy strikes again: Jannie, now 10 years old, is seriously injured when one of their games goes horribly wrong.

In the face of much adversity, Tsepo and his community pull together so that Jannie can get specialised medical treatment. A daunting challenge lies ahead... At what cost will Jannie survive?

Tsepo and Jannie’s inspirational story unfolds against the breathtaking backdrops of a dramatic African landscape and New York City in the mid-1970s.

"e’Lollipop" is a life-changing story that reminds us of the true value of friendship, community, sacrifice and family - despite our color or creed.

"e’Lollipop" is a South African classic of international stature that transcended the boundaries of it’s day imposed by Apartheid.


Also Known As: Forever Young, Forever Free
Category: Feature Film
Length: 93min
Leading Cast: Ken Gampu; Oscar and Golden Globe Award Winner Jose Ferrer; Golden Globe Nominee Karen Valentine; Muntu Ndebele; Norman Knox
Director: Ashley Lazarus
Producer: André Pieterse
Executive Producer:   Philo Pieterse
Original Story: André Pieterse
Screenplay: Ashley Lazarus

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