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“One of the most thrilling, ingenious and frightening spy stories I’ve ever read, and all the more powerful because it’s true.”
- The Hollywood Reporter

“Like 'Doctor Zhivago', it is an old-fashioned tale of romance and adventure that captures the imagination... all the more so when the tale is true. It will become an event film.”
- Dan Petrie

“A modern fairy tale... A suspense thriller. A dramatic and moving true story... extraordinary.”
- Publishers Weekly


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An extraordinary telling of the David Livingstone story through the eyes of Henry Stanley.


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Soon after its release, the South African classic e'Lollipop was nearly banned by the Apartheid government for depicting interracial harmony. The production likewise experienced distribution difficulties in certain “white” South African cinemas.

Notwithstanding such challenges, e'Lollipop became one of the highest grossing films in the history of South African cinema and attracted the largest black audience of any film screened in the country during the period 1976-1979.

Ma-Afrika Films' commitment to all South Africans ensured that audiences throughout South Africa were able to enjoy e'Lollipop via the use of mobile 16mm projector units in schools and municipal halls.

e'Lollipop has been re-released on DVD due to overwhelming demand from South Africans everywhere.

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