Ironwood Films (Pty) Ltd - an affiliate of Ma-Afrika Films - co-produced the motion picture feature Winnie Mandela (directed by Darrell J. Roodt and starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard), and has recently contracted with U.S. firm Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment brand, to distribute the film in the United States.


Founded by André Pieterse - a former Executive Vice-President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer International, Inc. - Ma-Afrika Films (Pty) Ltd has over forty years experience in the motion picture industry.

Backed by a dynamic management team and international associates, our competitive edge is grounded in a thorough understanding of both local and international motion picture markets in the following key areas:

Acquisition and development of original stories
Finance and funding

An experienced understanding of the interdependence of these key areas provides our competitive edge in the South African and international markets as motion picture producers.

Ma-Afrika Films has spent several focused years on acquiring and developing a bouquet of original stories.


The South African film industry presents dynamic opportunities for local and foreign filmmakers.

An increase in the number of original stories that will appeal to international audiences
International talent and production partners who have the ability to assist in maximising each production opportunity, are turning their focus on South Africa.
South Africa is no longer only a "destination" or a "facility", but is rapidly maturing as a producer of original stories.
South Africa is enjoying increased co-production opportunities provided by private funding, inter-government co-production treaties and various organisations such as the IDC, NFVF, DTI and others.
Development of the new Cape Town Film Studios confirms investor confidence and government commitment to the industry.


Our core strengths and unique international experience position us to play a key role in the motion picture and television industries.

Script / screenplay development: We have worked with some of the finest local and international scriptwriters who have co-written a number of our properties, including e'Lollipop, Zoyatchka and The Word of a Gentleman.
Production budgets (full budget and top sheet): Often under-valued as an essential component to the production process
Terms and conditions of distribution: In order for a film industry to prosper, it must operate in the global market, as the local market alone cannot sustain large budget projects. Our Chairman learned the intricacies of this while he was responsible for all MGM's film production and distribution outside the USA and Canada.
Underlying rights: A common weakness among local producers and creative talent is a poor understanding of rights issues. International distribution demands clear title.
Bankable talent (producer, director and principal cast): We have access to the world's leading casting agencies and have a thorough understanding of how to secure "bankable" talent.
Detailed sales estimates, including pre-sale agreements: We understand that over-valuing a project can severely harm a developing industry.
Completion guarantees and insurance risks: We have worked extensively with Film Finances, Inc. - the world's leading motion picture guarantor.

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